Let's Read Arabic On the Internet
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Let's Read Arabic On the Internet

Let's Read Arabic On the Internet E/A If you have an interest in Arab culture and the Arabic language, or if you are a native Arabic speaker who wants to further your mastery of English, you must read “Let’s Read Arabic on the Internet” by Howard Rowland—a comprehensive and very diverse collection of 60 up-to-date (2013-2016) Arabic articles dealing mainly with the Middle East and its people, from numerous Internet websites, with accompanying English translations. It is a valuable resource for intermediate to advanced learners of Arabic, as well as an excellent opportunity for native Arabic speakers to utilize in order to build a larger vocabulary in their English and to improve their English reading skills, and for all speakers of either Arabic or English to learn more about what has been going on in the Middle East during recent years. SKU: 978-0-86685-572-3

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