FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions that we get asked and maybe you can find answers to your questions.

Do you buy books? No we do not. The only books we buy are from Publishers

Do you sell English Title books? Yes we do. We have a limited selection to old and new books. From Out of Print to Classics.

Are you open on Saturday? Saturdays are by Appointment only. You can e-mail us at ibcbooks@hotmail.com to set up a time to come in.

What time do you open? We open at 11:00 but if needed to accommodate you we can open early. To set up a time you would like to come just e-mail us at ibcbooks@hotmail.com.

What is English Lanugage Learning? Some people also call it English as a Second Language or ESL. An ESL program has teachers that are bilingual help students to develop their speaking, writing, reading, and understanding the English language. ESL schools help students become more fluent in English.