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Arabic: Literature in English

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اضغط على الصورة للحصول على وصف مفصل

Book of Khalid (English)
Book of Khalid (English)
On Sale!Critiques in Art (English)
Critiques in Art (English)
On Sale!Gibran of Lebanon
Gibran of Lebanon
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Arab World MosaicTeacher Book
Arab World MosaicTeacher Book
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Let's Read Arabic On the Internet
Review by Ernest McCarus, Ann Arbor, MO. "Accept my congratulations and thanks for this excellent piece of work--it is a model for this approach to foreign language teaching. It is an up-to-date collections of Arabic articles used in the Arabic of today. For one thing, I learned how to pronounce place names given seen only in transcription, like Idlib. The content is also well chosen, covering a wide variety of topics. The discussion on how to use the book in the Introduction is of course very necessary and very useful".