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Amoo Norooz and Other Persian Folk Stories

Amoo Norooz and Other Persian Folk Stories

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This is a compilation of four stories: Amoo Norooz; Tale of Ringy; Crystal Flower and the Sun, and Bastoor. Amoo Norooz is the story of the coming of the Persian New Year which begins on the first day of spring and is celebrated in Iran and other countries. Tale of Ringy is the story of a young bird with a ring of feathers around his neck; Crystal Flower and the Sun is an original story which was awarded a prize by the National Commission of Unesco. It is a story about friendship and coexistance between two diametrically opposite elements water and sun. Bastoor is a stirring tale for children inspired by a passage in the ancient epic of Iran. It is a story of a young boy who takes the place of his fallen father on the battlefield. Amoo Norooz is written in both English and Persian (Farsi) while the other stories are in English only. Publication date 2000. Hardbound