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Grammar Practice

Grammar Practice

Martin Jacobi. Worksheets for 212 Interactive Grammar Activities High School, University, Adult. All Proficiency levels. It's big. It's packed with one-page handouts. It's photocopyable! Each page is focused on a single point of English grammar, from very basic matters such as subject-verb agreement with "to be," to complexities such as real and unreal conditional and reported speech. There are three main types of exercises: * question and answer, * fill in the blank, and * pairwork. Many of the exercises are to be used in-class, but many may be assigned as homework. On each handout, there is minimal explanation of grammatical structures and rules because, as the title suggests, the point is practice. As a practice book, it offers page upon page of focused work on developing the fifth skill, "grammaring." * The 195 exercises are too numerous to list, but they are grouped in the following categories: * Basic Morphology, Phrase Structure, and Word Order * To Be * Present Tense * Past tense * Future Tense * Modal Verbs * Phrasal Verbs * Other Verbal Structures * Passive Voice * The Noun Phrase * Adjectives * Adverbials * Clauses An Answer Key for all of the grammar activities is now available on this webpage. It will be included in the next printing of the book.