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Speak English Like an American with audio CD

Speak English Like an American with audio CD

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What's the secret to speaking English better? It's mastery of those tricky idioms and phrases that are so common in English. And learning these idioms and phrases will not only help you speak better, it'll help you understand Americans better. In this course, you'll join an American family as they go about their day-to-day lives. All versions come with an audio CD. If you want, you can download the CD to your iPod and listen on-the-go! FIVE versions now available (click on version to see sample pages!): for native Chinese speakers, native Russian speakers, native Spanish speakers, native Japanese speakers, and an all-English version for those of any language background, no matter what your native language is. "This book was one of the greatest English language books I ever studied. I love the way the book was written -- it is very fun and easy to learn because of how the conversations are written..." Odna I., a reader