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In My Opinion

In My Opinion

SKU 978-0-86647-283-8
A Photocopyable Collection of Opinion-Gap Discussion Topics By Phil Keegan High School to Adult, Intermediate to Advanced Get your students talking about their personal views and beliefs. 50 activities designed for young adult and adult learners. The activities have been tried and tested by the author and many of his colleagues at universities, high schools, language schools, and in company language training programs in Europe. The 50 contemporary, thought provoking topics are presented in two basic formats. Just over half of them are in the form of a questionnaire that students fill out and/or respond to orally. They then compare their responses to discover the 'gaps' in their views relating to good-bad, right-wrong, liberal-conservative, likes and dislikes and so on. The remainder of the activities are in the form of opinion cards, twelve to a page. Each card is a question that asks the cardholder to initiate an opinion to be agreed with or challenged by the others in the class. The activities are suitable for class, small group and one-on-one situations. The collection is supplemented with several pages of Teacher's Notes that provide guidance on how to manage the conversations, suggestions on what to look out for, and potential problems.