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Surveys for Conversation

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The basic idea is simple, but effective. Your students need to practice conversation. Instead of starting with "Let's talk about your hobbies," you assign one of the questionnaires for homework. The students answer the questions on the survey and come prepared to class the next day with something to say. The conversation practice stays focused on the topic. The surveys are arranged according to a school year. In the fall, you get to know each other as the school year begins, and talk about events and activities that take place in the fall. From there on, you talk yourselves through the school year until it's time to break and talk about summer plans and vacations. Most of the surveys are of general interest and can be used any time of the year. There are 48 surveys, more than enough for one a week during the school year. A sampling of the topics includes: * family * friendship * pets * shopping * clothes * TV * music * computers * space * celebrations and more By Deborah F. Hitsky