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Do As I Say

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Operations, Procedures, and Rituals for Language Acquisition by: Gayle Nelson,Thomas Winters and Raymond Clark Level: Beginner to intermediate, All ages Do As I Say was originally published in 1980 as ESL Operations. This edition is completely re-designed as a photocopyable teacher resource, with many new activities. The basic idea is quite simple. Each activity is based on a highly predictable series of steps, called a Sequence. There are three types: Operations, Procedures, and Rituals. * An Operation involves using a tool or a piece of equipment or a device such as an ATM. The instructional language that accompanies the use of the device is the basis for the students' language practice. * A Procedure typically involves making or doing something, such as making a cup of tea or sewing on a button. * A Ritual is a formulaic dialogue such as a greeting, introduction or apology. Each sequence typically includes eight lines of about eight words. The usual procedure involves a pair of students. One student gives a command (says) and the other follows it (does).