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Live Action English - Millennium Edition Book with 2 Audio CD

Live Action English - Millennium Edition Book with 2 Audio CD

SKU 978-0929724164
Live Action English - Millennium Edition by Elizabeth Kuizenga Romijn and Contee Seely The book that shouts out: “Hey! This is fun! Let’s do it!” Over 50,000 copies sold world-wide! The first student/teacher book based on James J. Asher’s Total Physical Response (TPR). 67 lively “happenings” (illustrated series of commands) for students of all ages in be­ginning, intermediate and multilevel classes. Much practical colloquial language not found in other texts. Thorough teacher’s guide included. Foreword by Asher. Live Action English should be at the top of every teacher's list of books, no matter what level they are teaching. I take it with me wherever I go in the world to teach. It provides language that we use every day for students at all levels. It also helps to fill in the gaps in upper-level students' English. Whether they are studying process essays, public speaking or everyday communication, Live Action English is a fun and effective way for students to live in English and not just learn about it. Also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese versions.