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Teaching North American English Pronunciation and 3 CD

Teaching North American English Pronunciation and 3 CD

SKU 978-0-86647-325-5
This book is for the person who is helping a learner of North American English develop and improve their pronunciation. Part One introduces the basics of English phonology with reference to the writing system that represents it. Part Two is a collection of photocopyable handouts that can be used to help English language learners of all ages from the high beginning to advanced proficiency. For the teacher, using the two parts of the book can be a "Teach as you learn, learn as you teach" professional development experience in a face-to-face classroom context with learners, or the book can be used as a self-study course. The latter learning experience would definitely be enhanced by the use of the CDs. There is a brief appendix that includes problem areas for different learners of English, and a compilation of phonetic alphabets.