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Talk and Write! - Teacher Resource

Talk and Write! - Teacher Resource

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Writing to Remember Writing with the Five Senses Writing Around the Holidays Writing with Imagination Writing Activities for Pairs and Groups Writing Poetry These activities have been designed to engage the students personally and creatively, instilling in them a love of writing as they learn to take pride in expressing themselves "on paper." While the students are developing specific skills, they also have fun. They are encouraged to "play with words," to enjoy the process, the adventure of writing and writing well. They will work as well with native English speakers as with ELLs. There are 65 units. Each has two pages, a teacher's page and a photocopyable student handout. The teacher's page first states the objective of the exercise. When materials are needed for the activity, they are listed. Then there is a step-by-step explanation of what the teacher and the students will do. Typically these steps begin with a teacher-led discussion explaining the activity and its purpose