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Surveys for Conversation Second Edition

Surveys for Conversation Second Edition

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Photocopyable Handouts Second Edition, Revised and Expanded This is a photocopyable collection of 64 one-page handouts. The survey questionnaires may be used with learners from high-beginner to high-intermediate level, and many will be suitable for the advanced level. Learners from middle schoolers to adults will relate to most of the topics. The purpose of Surveys for Conversation is to stimulate effective conversation practice. The photocopyable survey worksheets are used over two days. On day one, the conversation topic is introduced, and the survey worksheets are assigned for homework. On the following day, the completed surveys are the basis for a guided conversation. By doing the surveys as homework, the students have the opportunity to think about their ideas, look up the words they need to express them, and consult with family and friends. In the actual discussion, their anxiety level is lowered, and the resulting conversation is more focused, effective, relaxed, and enjoyable. In this second edition, the 64 surveys are arranged into four groups of 16. For Starters, the first surveys, are the "safest" and therefore perfect for icebreaker introductions. In these comfortable conversations, students will share basic facets of their lives. The Work and Play surveys ask questions about everyday activities, for example music and sports, transportation, and money. The surveys in That's Life look at the ups and downs of human life, from birth and celebrations to aging and death. Lastly, It's Debatable surveys are the most controversial topics and, as such, the "hottest" and most challenging .