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The Complete Listening-Speaking Course

The Complete Listening-Speaking Course

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This major opus covers the semester, with emphasis on student centered activities guided by the teacher. A strong feature, Pronunciation Practice, includes minimal pairs, intonation patterns, word reduction and linking words, word stress, word endings. Over four hours of listening practice offer English as spoken casually among educated Americans. The social and academic themes of interest to intermediate to advanced students are stimulating and witty. Students read and discuss a central issue in each chapter. It is usually expressed in the form of someone asking advice: What do you do when in a strange new country suffering culture shock? How does one interpret body language and gestures? How will you describe and be able to speak about emotions and personal feelings, health and sickness, lifesaving emergency situations, use vocabulary for cooking, shopping, prices and negotiations, travel and time schedules, professions and occupations, music, TV, sports and recreation, education, scientific concerns. The audio component is a set of six CDs (Cost $75.00), or one DVD (audio only)(Cost $65.00) for the listening exercises. They span the book, with two female and two male speakers alternating throughout. Although we recommend using these, if you prefer, there are scripts and answers at the back of the book for the instructor to speak. Email IBC - if you want to order the CD's or DVD. Importantly, students worldwide will come away with a grand overview of North American culture. High School University, High Intermediate Advanced