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Grammar Starter 1, Workbook

Grammar Starter 1, Workbook

SKU 978-1599665-38-2
Grammar Starter is a series of three grammar books in full color for young, beginning level students. With chapters organized around basic grammar topics and units structured to present, practice, and reinforce discrete grammar points, students will quickly grasp the fundamentals of English grammar necessary to build their communication skills upon. This book is an excellent resource for classroom use, self-study, or supplementing other beginning level coursebooks. * Five 4-unit chapters presenting a controlled, systematic range of grammar topics * Full-color illustrations to support the presentation of grammar rules * Practice exercises designed to build student confidence and accuracy in English Grammar * 'My Grammar Notes' at the end of each unit to summarize grammar rules * Chapter review tests for consolidation of target structures * Workbook with additional practice exercises available * Answer keys available online