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Writing Starter 1, Student Book

Writing Starter 1, Student Book

SKU 9781599660370
Writing Starter is a three-book writing series designed for young, beginner EFL students. Throughout the series, students will expand their writing ability with relevant, useful, and accessible writing techniques. The graded writing passages found in the series allow learners to comfortably progress from writing sentences to writing solid paragraphs. Writing Starter 1 focuses on sentences. It teaches students to write sentences within the context of a paragraph and makes them aware of paragraph structure. Writing Starter 2 focuses on simple paragraphs. It teaches students to write a paragraph with the help of an outline. Writing Starter 3 focuses on advanced paragraphs. It teaches students to write topic sentences, concluding sentences, and to use more advanced writing techniques. The series provides students with an engaging and fun means to improve their written English. Key features of the series: - Full-color illustrations and photographs - Wide variety of writing topics - Guided and personalized writing tasks - Abundant sample paragraphs - Progressive exercises to promote the natural development of writing - Teacher's guides with answers, teaching tips, and supplementary material