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The All New Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth A Modern English/Arabic Dictionary 2012 with CD

The All New Al-Mawrid Al-Hadeeth A Modern English/Arabic Dictionary 2012 with CD

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The 2012 Modern Dictionary of English-Arabic combines the properties of Al-Mawrid Dictionaries with those of the most advanced and widely used Arabic-English dictionaries available. It is an indispensable tool for students, researchers and translators, and is arranged alphabetically for easy usage. It incorporates many new features, including: Material is expanded to contain more entities, meanings and definitions. The linguistics terms cover 1,400 entries, not including the index. Includes up-to-date material and concepts that developed recently, specifically those related to the electronics, communication and computer science fields. New concepts that are constantly emerging, specifically those related to the linguistic field. Follows a chronological and historical order, organizing meanings alongside word origins. Materials branched into multiple entries in order to distinguish between meanings and their original derivations. Each word is related to a specific concept, to help clarify appropriate meanings and usages. Multiple examples given to enrich content; this includes main definitions and each sub-definition. Words are divided into syllables in the same way basic English dictionaries are. Included is an index for common Eastern and Western figures, indexes for English words whose origins are Arabic, indexes for the popular abbreviated in the modern writing and printing, indexes for irregular verbs, in addition to plastic transparent plates for the human body. Al-Mawrid 2012 is distinguished by: Its number of pages, reaching 1536 new pages. About 30,000 new entities. It contains described illustrations for the human body in 2 languages: Arabic and English. It contains a CD-ROM of Al-Mawrid Al-Qareeb Dictionary: English-Arabic and Arabic-English.