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Writing Around the World

Writing Around the World

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By: Matthew McCool - Cultures use different writing strategies because they strive for different goals. Some cultures rely on writer responsibility while other cultures rely on reader responsibility. Writer responsibility emphasizes clear and concise prose, actions over subjects, practical implications, and follows a deductive logical structure. Misunderstandings are the writer’s responsibility. Reader responsibility emphasizes flowery and ornate prose, subjects instead of actions, theoretical implications, and follows an inductive logical structure. Misunderstandings are the reader’s responsibility. The differences between writer responsibility and reader responsibility help explain why some cultures prefer clarity when other cultures prefer complexity. The problem is that both writing styles are perfectly acceptable, but only within their given context. And this is why global writers need Writing Around the World.which: provides an overview to intercultural writing · explains the concept of the ‘deepest dimensions of culture’ · links language, thought, and culture · dissects two contrastive papers, including anatomy, basic principles, matters of form, and even style · connects logic and ethics with intercultural writing · offers tips and tools for writing around the world.