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Communicate 1

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Communicate and Motivate form a four-level, general English classroom course for teenage and adult elementary-level non-native speakers. Secondary - Adult Full-color illustrations * Fully-guided, fun speaking activities that encourage confidence in using English * CD audio recordings of dialogs using native-English speaker pronunciation * An extensive range of supplementary materials that can be downloaded from * CD-ROMs, Workbooks, and Teacherís Guides available separately Unit Structure * Warm Up : There are three Warm-Up activities in each unit prior to each dialog. These are typically pair-work exchanges. These elicit target language related to the dialogs. * In Context : The dialogs show the target language in an ongoing storyline context. The students listen to, read, and/or role play the dialogs. * Word Building : The students have clear reference to individual sentences and phrases to help consolidate the target language. * Controlled Practice : The students look at the first picture and read what is written below it. Then, either individually or as a class, they make similar sentences, or questions and answers, about the other pictures. * Follow Up : A third dialog features different parodied characters in a humorous context. They use target language to express a joke or a pun. Students can also listen to this dialog on the audio CD. * Communication Activities : This section encourages the students to use the new words and structures in a relaxed and fun environment. * Review : Questions and activities help to consolidate the new words and structures learned throughout the current unit and previous units.