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Splash! (Arabic/English)

Splash! (Arabic/English)

Just in time for the dog days of summer, McDonnell (I Love Boats) makes waves with this captivating oversize picture book. The story line is simplicity itself: hot and grumpy, Tiger, Rhinoceros and Mother Elephant follow a baby elephant down to the water hole, where they find relief from the heat. Pairing her bare-bones text ("Hot, hot, hot! The elephants are hot") with big, bold, vibrant illustrations, McDonnell places her audience squarely in the midst of the fun. Underpinned by a thorough grasp of color harmony, McDonnell's artwork has an appealing, larger-than-life quality. Her color combinations tempt the eye and set the tone for each scene, from the orange and black stripes of a tiger's fur against a sultry yellow backdrop for "hot," to the soothing blues and greens of the waterhole oasis for "cool." The splash-fest especially is sure to delight preschoolers: "Whoosh! Sploosh! goes Tiger," reads one spread, while the next shows all four creatures romping, a "Splash!" printed next to each. With its easy, assured presentation belying a careful craftsmanship, this vigorous romp showcases McDonnell's keen sensitivity to the visual and verbal needs of the very young. Ages 3-6.