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My First Action Word Book(En-Ar) (Arabic-English)

My First Action Word Book(En-Ar) (Arabic-English)

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This bountiful hard cover book of words in a typical preschooler's world contains close to 1000 words for common items in both Arabic & English. Crisp photographs and a few supplemental drawings of familiar household objects, foods, toys and clothing are neatly arranged on the spreads. A neighborhood post office and library, items in a supermarket and animals on a farm appear against ample white backgrounds; which help focus attention on these clearly labeled illustrations. This oversized book is sorted by category (such as "In the garden" or "Pets") or concept (such as "Colors, shapes, and numbers" and "Opposites"). This essential book can be used for hours of happy browsing, a launching pad for countless stories, or as a fun way to get children started on the road to reading. It is a great first book for children. Adults will learn too! It is sturdy, oversized and will last for many years. Several energetic, brightly clad youngsters demonstrating "actions" and "playtime" are particularly engaging. This is a valuable first pictorial dictionary for youngest readers; older children may also enjoy using the index to match up objects, words and page numbers. Ages 4-8.