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 Picture Dictionary(En-En-Ar)

Picture Dictionary(En-En-Ar)

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"People go back to language dictionaries to know the meanings of words that are new to them. They don't make use of those dictionaries except at an advanced level of learning, so those dictionaries are only used when needed. This dictionary, on the other hand, is a book that should be carried by students at the beginner and intermediate levels at all times, as an everyday companion to learning. This dictionary trains the student on how to use it, and how to look up words at an early age. It explains comprehensively how to look up words, and includes many colored pictures and illustrations. By matching words with their pictures, it helps students pick up new vocabulary and incorporate the words into their everyday lives. The dictionary is organized alphabetically in a way that is suitable for the intellectual level of its target audience. The dictionary includes about 1140 simple clauses and expressions that strengthens student writing skills and helps them develop an appreciation for reading and writing. All meanings and definitions in the dictionary are drawn from a child's life and environment to create an active interest in learning. This dictionary is an exciting, amusing resource, far from routine in nature. "