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Writing Inspirations

Writing Inspirations

SKU 9780826489821
Writing Inspirations A Fundex of Individualized Activities for English Writing Practice Revised Individualized and pair work by: Arlene Marcus Levels: 4th grade - Middle School, High School, and Adult students.High-beginner to Intermediate A photocopyable teacher/tutor resource 238 writing-topic Fundex cards to choose from Over 700 individualized writing activities Effective with students of all ages, interests, and skill levels Ideal for tutorials Ideal for learning centers and libraries The individualized writing topics fit on half a page, ready to be photocopied and added to a Fundex collection of cards for students to choose from. They often have a lively photo or illustration or a piece of virtual realia - maps, ads, forms, articles. The topics are both entertaining and simple for students working on their own to understand.