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Proverbs, East And West

Proverbs, East And West

SKU 978-0930878092
The proverb is one of the oldest and shortest forms of folklore. This is why more and more people in our time are turning to the proverb as an important tool of communication and learning. This book is a personal selection of proverbial sayings deriving from the peoples of China, Korea, and Japan. A total of 1,359 Asian proverbs in English translation have been chosen for this volume. This book places each group of Asian proverbs with a comparable group of Western proverbs so that the reader may view the Asian proverbs against their Western equivalents. As many as 867 Western proverbs have been chosen for this book. For the reader's sheer enjoyment and contemplation, the proverbs are arranged in topical categories, ranging from Anger to Wisdom. Drawing deep interests are many instances of the unity of perception in both Asian and Western proverbs.