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Las Peliculas de Mi Vida : Una Novela

Las Peliculas de Mi Vida : Una Novela

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Beltran Soler is du Chile, a land that moves. It is, moreover, a seismologist who knows a lot about the tectonic plates but little life. Locked in his world of seismic data, scientific books and natural disasters, is protected from the world around him. But thousands of miles above the ground that both analyzes, on a plane to Los Angeles - the film capital and the city where he grew up - have a conversation that triggers an internal earthquake. Suddenly you come to mind the fifty most important movie of his life, those films both funny and absurd that most affected him during his childhood and adolescence during the sixties and seventies a'os. From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, passing through the noisy tapes catastrophe! Earthquake! and futuristic films of the seventies and Fugue XXIII Century, connects with her past, remembering the movies I saw, the people I saw and even the theaters that was. From memory to memory, from film to film, Beltran reconstructs the story of her eccentric and dysfunctional family, and discovers that the movie you saw - that he liked and not - were what defined him as a person. Set in two parallel worlds extra'amente Nixon suburban California, and cold Pinochet Santiago de Chile, this agile and contemporary novel plunges us into the world of cinema of a teenager who seeks escape from a fragmented existence, caught between two languages, two cultures and two families however watch the same movies. Written in language and lively dynamic that has made a writer Alberto Fuguet recognized worldwide, The Movies of My Life is a novel about the cinema and the movies we watch as they become part of who we are. In this novel, the protagonist Beltran Soler is an introvert who tries to escape a broken existence, caught between two different cultures, languages, but nevertheless, reach a junction in the cinematographic field: they are the same movies that have been seen for years. Beltran is an experienced seismologist, a specialist in the subject who knows little of the good life, he lives a unique experience while traveling to Los Angeles. On the plane that leads to the north country have an interesting conversation about the most important films of his life. As recalls his childhood and adolescence are appearing as evocations that talk about people, places and times, from a very unique and tastes that defined it as a person.