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Encanto: Leading Lady/Estrella

Encanto: Leading Lady/Estrella

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Mercedes Romero wants to be a star. She's been working toward it for years, but all she gets is rejection. So she goes in another direction and auditions to be a backup singer in a band. The leader of the group is Quinn Scarborough. Neither one of them thinks much of the other initially, but they become band mates. They fight an inconvenient attraction for a long time, but they finally succumb to each others charms. But Quinn knows he'll lose Mercedes as soon as she gets her big break. These are complex characters encased in a very funny story. Mercedes is a unique heroine that grows up through the course of the novel. At first, she is young, brash, and a bit arrogant, letting these qualities hide her vulnerability and insecurity. As she grows and matures, she endears herself to the reader. The secondary characters are marvelous too. For surprising depth in a small package.