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La La Conexion Hormonal

DID YOU NEXT sound familiar? Do you have vague symptoms like fatigue, dry skin or constipation? Do they come and go your symptoms, particularly around their menstrual cycle? They say conventional medical tests that you are "normal"? Do you suffer from anxiety, irritability or depression and not know why? Are you taking an antidepressant like Prozac but still not feeling well? Is it worse stress status? Do you have trouble losing weight or keeping more than go on a diet? Maybe your hormones are out of balance In The Hormone Connection learn about hormonal imbalances that affect many women but which are often overlooked by doctors. How many of these symptoms sound like you? * Food cravings * Joint pain * Panting * Incontinence * Trouble sleeping * Outbursts * Nervous tension * Being forgetful * Easily distracted * Hair on the upper lip * Low sex drive * Pain in the knee * Propensity to burst into tears Unexplained Fatigue Each of these symptoms may be related in some way to the hormones. The hormonal connection goes beyond just talking about estrogen and menopause to tell women what they need to know about all the hormones that affect them during the thirties, forties, and fifties: progesterone, thyroid hormones, hormones to metabolic and stress hormones. Includes a three-phase plan to restore and maintain healthy hormone levels