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Business Companion: Spanish Handbook

SKU 9780609806289
Living Language brings more than 50 years of language expertise to this outstanding series for anyone who does business internationally, whether abroad, on the telephone, or via e-mail. The Living Language Business Companion: Spanish Handbook is a perfect phrasebook for any business situation, and provides cultural information essential to working with Spanish speaking colleagues. Key Features Include: General business situations common to all fields, such as making telephone calls, sending letters or e-mail, conducting interviews, making presentations, attending trade shows, getting around, and even socializing. Industry-specific Spanish terms in over 25 fields such as banking, advertising, pharmaceuticals, engineering, telecommunications, medical and dental, publishing, and more. A two-way glossary of the most common and essential Spanish terms businesspeople will need to know. Appendices full of practical information such as weights and measurements, useful addresses, Web sites, holidays, etc.