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Tasseh Tarantaseh

Tasseh Tarantaseh

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Compiled By: Taghreed Najjar Illustrated By: Hiba Farran This book is a compilation of miscellaneous rhymes that remind us of the olden days and the good times spent with grandparents.These rhymes introduce vocabulary and customs of our culture and way of life. The Rhyme Titles in this book are: 1. Hazourah Fazourah 2. Zuzu has a Car 3. Trendy Salwa 4. Jumping Ball 5. Hope it Rains Today 6. Walnut, Peanut 7. Hadooteh Badooteh 8. Omelette & Olive Oil 9. Abu Layleh 10. I'm the Wind 11. My Old Nanny board book, 18 pages, 15 x 21