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My Turtle is called Nahla

My Turtle is called Nahla

SKU 978-9957-04-051-2
Compiled By: Taghreed Najjar Illustrated By: Hiba Farran This book focuses on rhymes about animals. The rhymes are easy to remember and repeat, and talk about animals that a child sees and interacts with in his/her own environment. The Child gets to hear the different sounds the animals make. It is a collection of fun, easy to learn rhymes about animals. The rhymes encourage children to interact through music, and through imitating the sound and movements animals make. The Rhyme Titles in this book are: 1. These Little Chicks 2. Yasmeen the Chicken 3. Two Dancing Cats 4. Tutu the Rabbit 5. I Used to Have a Bird 6. Our Donkey 7. The Butterfly 8. My Sheep 9. I Have a Duck 10. My Turtle Nahla 18 pages, board book