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This is the way Fish Swim

This is the way Fish Swim

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Compiled By: Taghreed Najjar Illustrated By: Hiba Farran This book focuses on rhymes that are based on hand gestures. The rhymes encourages interaction between parent and child like tickling and imitations using gestures.This helps to bond child and parent and fills up the house with the sound of laughter and giggles. The Rhyme Titles in this book are: 1. Zait, Zait ya Hajjeh 2. Hanna and the Bees 3. My Small Bird 4. Ten Fingers 5. The Rabbit is in the cave 6. Ya Baah Ya Baah 7. Ya Mnaimneh 8. Small as a Kubbeh 9. Hijallah 10. This is the Way Fish Swim 11. What the Donkey Said