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Basic Dictations Text/CD

Basic Dictations Text/CD

SKU 9780866473491
A Photocopyable Resource Beginning ELL Middle School to Adult It is aimed at the newcomer - young adult or adult. Not only are the students improving their English, they are also learning more about how to get around in their new country and culture. * It's photocopyble. With 58 lessons in the collection, you may prefer photocopying, picking and choosing lessons that are most relevant to your students. However, the practical information on aspects of everyday life is wide-ranging and interesting, and your students will benefit from the fun and varied language practice in every lesson. Most lessons are only two pages with a short dictation, a discussion, and a couple of informative, fast-moving activities. There are four kinds of dictations: partial, pair, prediction, and dictogloss. And scattered throughout the book there are also 18 listening activities - conversations and short narrations. All of the dictations and the listening tasks are available on a CD. And every lesson deals with vocabulary and discussion. The 58 lessons are organized under these topic headings: Friends and Families * Numbers * Time * Around Town * Food * Health * Work