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Receive town Baghafoord, the news of the death of Lent Bari shocked Verbradhir. It is true that Baghafoord look his ideal Anlkizih, market cobbled courtyard and antique her convent, but behind those beautiful facade, there his war Tnhishha. War between the rich and the poor. War between teenagers and their parents. War between wives and husbands. As they seem at first glance. Thus, it becomes the vacancy left by the death of Barry in the municipal council, the catalyst for the biggest war will be witnessed by the town. Who Wants if elections are fought with passion and hypocrisy, in an atmosphere of scandals unexpected? It is worth mentioning that the c. K. Rowling is the author of the famous Harry Potter series, which was read and translated in the entire world. "Vacancy" is the first work for adults. Paperback 600 pages 24x14