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Zaman Al Gham Al Gamil (Arabic)

Zaman Al Gham Al Gamil (Arabic)

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Dictatorships have never been funnier. In diary-like observations, one of Egypt's funniest young writers, Omar Taher, hilariously describes the depressing old times under Mubarak's rule. He comments on Mubarak, his son, the ruling party, football, nepotism, politics, rituals and celebrations. Observation upon observation..splendid sentences weave together to create a hilarious and uniquely human collection. Renowned satirical writer, Omar Taher's style makes his readers think and laugh - at times laughing at themselves ... witty and simple” – Egypt Independent “Taher regularly puts a smile on this reviewer’s face through his sharp sense of humor or pleasant nostalgic trips into a carefree past. The book is a perfect remedy for the current moment — a reminder of where we were, and a surge of hope into our tired souls… a highly recommended read” – Amany Aly Shawky, Egypt Independent