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Husseinís Blood

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Is this the right time to talk about Hussein? Yes, we must always remember the year he died, 680 A.D., 61 h, and despite what has been written - and read - about Hussein, the Prophet's grandson, who was killed at the battle of Karbala, the Master (Sayyid) of the Martyrs and the Master (Sayyid) of the Youth of Paradise, few eyes or pens have seen or recorded what happened after he was killed... What happened in the name of his pure blood? This book reveals some of what I wanted to say, but not all that I wished to say... you'll have to read it and make of it what you will... But I can guarantee you two things: First, you'll love Sayyid Hussein even more... and second, you'll witness unbearable tragedy, blood as you never before seen it, and events too strange to comprehend; moreover, everything described here is true, and based on the chronicles of the Arab historians Ibn al-KathÓr and al-Tabari. When I re-read this book of mine, I decided to take out a lot, and to add a lot... But every time I tried, I saw once more the bloodshed, the huffing horses, the shining swords, the flames, the colours of treason, the streams of corpses, the mothers crying over the loss of their children, the heads of the slaughtered. So I didn't take out, and I didn't add