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Mi Propio Cuerpo/My Own Human Body

Mi Propio Cuerpo/My Own Human Body

SKU 9780764157738
Now available in a Spanish language edition, this charming board book was originally published in English by Barron’s in Spring 2003, titled My Own Human Body. It explains the human body in a series of words and pictures that are simplified for preschool boys and girls. The heavy board pages are die-cut in the shape of a smiling little boy. When kids lift the front cover, they remove his shirt and see the location of his heart. The text gives a simple explanation of how the heart pumps blood through the entire body. As kids turn successive pages, they observe the human body’s interior and learn about the functions of muscles, lungs, the skeleton, and the stomach and intestines. The book is both amusing and instructive, making special appeal to younger children’s natural curiosity about their bodies.