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Got It!

SKU 978-0-86647-356-9
A Game for Building Vocabulary and Conversation by Phyllis Gardner Intermediate to Advanced Middle School, Secondary School Adult A Game for Building Vocabulary and Conversation In this game, the class is usually divided into groups that will compete with each other to create a vocabulary list. The groups are given a card with a topic (see Sample Game Cards). The objective: to come up with vocabulary that is relevant to the topic within a given time limit. When time is up, they compare lists. When a group has a word that no other group has, they score a point. The tension increases as cards are compared one-by-one. Inevitably new words are discovered, words are challenged, and there is conversation/discussion. How to play (see the sample card for the topic Sandwiches): The students fill in all the sandwiches they can think of. You ask team one for a sandwich. They say "roast beef." Another teams calls out "Got It!" Everyone who has "roast beef" crosses it out. You go on to team two ... The team with the most sandwiches not crossed out wins. After the game is over, pass out the "possible answers" card for sandwiches and discuss.