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Sommer-Time: Little Red Train: English - Arabic

SKU 9789953137223
This vividly illustrated story demonstrates the value of compassion, hard work and perseverance. The Little Red Trains triumphant arrival to the top of the mountain elicits the eternal gratitude of the townspeople, and its accomplishment proves to be an inspiration for all. Virtues: Perseverance / Compassion / Civic Virtue
By: Sommer, Carl: Author / James, Kennon: Illustrator / Masri, Issam: Translator Language: English - Arabic Dual Format: Hardcover Pages: 47 pp Publisher: Masadir, Philadelphia, 2012 Size: 21 x 28 cm / 8x 11 inches ISBN: 9789953137223 Topic: Children's Story - Kindergarten - Early Elementary 5-8